LSA International: the ethical homeware brand that was right under your nose

Friendly reminder: making ethical homeware choices doesn’t automatically mean a trip to the Peruvian outback. There are plenty of ethical brands out there in the shops that you’ve already trawled through. Case in point: LSA International.

Stocked in shops like John Lewis, House of Fraser, and Oliver Bonas, LSA International hand-make each of their products using raw materials like FSC wood and soda-lime glass that are responsibly sourced *gasps for air*.

The product range is dominated with glassware but LSA also produce porcelain coffee sets, wooden serving platters, and steel pots. For extra brownie points you can get your hands on their Mia range of recycled glassware made entirely up of disused bottles.

Important point numéro uno: the stuff looks good. We’re talking sleek Scandi style that doesn’t cater to any fast ‘n’ faddy trend. You can buy something from LSA International and be sure it will see you through at least two break-ups, three house moves and a career change.

But “what’s the damage sweed’ art?” I hear you cry… well it’s not eye-watering if you choose the right thing. Sure, there’s a bread bin for £85 but there’s also a set of 8 balloon wine glasses for £5 a pop and a selection of four different champagne or cocktail glasses for a tenner each.

Our favourite? The timeless champagne saucers… they might make you dribble and you might never be sure how to hold them correctly, but it makes you feel like you’re in the Great Gatsby, so flap away dahlink.


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