Review: Waterhouse London

On the edge of Shoreditch, the Waterhouse Restaurant has a chilled-out and cool atmosphere that usually carries (gulp) a price tag…but not this one. Open for breakfast and lunch from Monday to Friday, this canal-side eatery ticks all the boxes.

The restaurant is owned by the Shoreditch Trust, a charity that works to reduce social and economic disadvantage in the community. Waterhouse hosts the charity’s Blue Marble Training Programme, which helps to support young people in gaining the skills needed for careers in the food and hospitality industries.

img_7246The menu offers a variety of delicious options, with items for vegetarians and vegans (check out the Shoreditch breakfast) as well as the more carnivorous amongst us.

Portion sizes are definitely not stingy… you can scoff a lunch for an average of £6.50 for lunch, and many items on the breakfast menu are as cheap as £2. Try the creamed cauliflower and kale tagliatelle, and the hake and clam curry, or else…

Great service is also a bonus. We were given free soup because of a small, and hardly noticeable, hold up in the kitchen and everyone knows that if it’s free then the calories don’t count. The staff are fun and the place as a whole has a feel-good factor; a rare find in this city of smog and scowling. 


So, if you’re looking for a healthy sized portion of delicious and affordable food, whilst helping to support a great charity, then look no further… Waterhouse is right up your alley (or canal).

GFL rating: 4 stars

Waterhouse Restaurant: 10 Orsman Road, N1 5Q1. Open Monday – Friday 9-3pm


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