Clerkenwell Kitchen

The bright and airy Clerkenwell Kitchen is another on our list of ethical and delicious cafes.

Owners Emma and Laura put produce at the heart of everything they do, sourcing mainly organic ingredients from a small range of suppliers and using free-range meat. The menu changes frequently, ensuring the Kitchen keeps in touch with the best in-season goodies.

Plus, the drinks don’t let the side down, you can enjoy English wine, London beer, locally roasted coffee and water straight from the tap (crazy, right?!).

Image result for clerkenwell kitchen EC1R 0AT

We tried the winter Onglet salad with Castel Franco, watercress with tarragon, shallot malt vinegar dressing (and breathe…), which was water-in-your-mouth, give-me-more kind of tasty.


The principles of good home cooking come top of the agenda at The Clerkenwell Kitchen, with the heart of its speciality being simple and well-prepared food. Most hot mains cost between £8.50 and £10 and considering how delicious and ethically sourced the ingredients are, we think this is a steal!

The Clerkenwell Kitchen

27-31 Clerkenwell Close

London EC1R 0AT

GFL rating: 4 stars


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