Wahaca: the teacher’s pet of ethical restaurants

Rejoice one and all because there are actually some restaurant chains which are also very committed to sustainability. So no more hiking to weird parts of town or paying out the backside for a single kale leaf and a boiled egg.

One of our favourites is Wahaca, the Mexican market food restaurant which was co-founded by MasterChef winner Thomasina Miers.

(c) Wahaca

Wahaca lives and breathes sustainability. In fact, it does it so well that in the restaurant world it’s like that over-achieving, popular kid at school who is grade 8 in three instruments and speaks five languages.

Don’t believe us? They’ve won three national awards for sustainability, get all their meat from the UK, and work with campaigns and charities in both the UK and Mexico (so if you eat one of their streetfood specials you get to feel extra smug.) They are also the first restaurant group in the UK to be certified as a CarbonNeutral company. See what we mean? Almost sickeningly brilliant.

There’s loads of other stuff too but we’d have to write a dissertation-length article if we went through all of it. It’s all written on their website, though, so click here for more info (and resist the temptation to scream “OK, WE GET IT!” at the screen).

Alongside all the impressive work they do, the food at Wahaca is totally delicious and very affordable. On Taco Tuesdays, your first plate of three tacos costs just £1. The food is perfect for sharing (if you’re that way inclined), pigging out yourself, and is very veggie friendly. We’ve eaten here enough to know that pretty much whatever you pick from the menu is going to be a winner. So, with 16 restaurants dotted across London, what the hell are you waiting for?


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