Christopher Raeburn helps tackle fast fashion

British fashion designer Christopher Raeburn has announced that his self-named brand will play host to an open day which attempts to tackle a world of over-consumption and fast fashion head on.

Raeburn’s idea? The designer, who’s famous for re-using decommissioned military parachutes and turning it high fashun, thinks we should keep our clothes in use for as long as possible. Radical, I know.

Cue the Remade, Reduced, Recycled initiative, where damaged but much-loved clothes get a little TLC (because it’s not all about you, ya know, gaad). The Remade Studio is offering on-the-spot repairs for well-worn clothes.

The snag? It has to be a Christopher RÆBURN garment… and they ain’t exactly cheap. BUT, if you spend a bit extra on an item of clothing you’ll keep for years and get repairs done instead of chucking it at the smallest tear, snag, or jaeger bomb stain, then you are – on your own scale – doing fashion sustainably.

Just try explaining that to your bank balance *gulp*.

RÆBURN REPAIRS – Open Day of Free Repairs (limited spaces)

Saturday 18th March, 10am-5pm

Important Notes:

  • Limited spaces
  • Only valid on Christopher RÆBURN clothing
  • Email with images of your damaged piece by 28th February
  • Repairs will be assessed on an individual basis

Remade Studio Address: Studio 1, The Textile Building, 29a Chatham Place, Hackney, E9 6NY (nearest station: Hackney Central)

Enquiries: Call on +44 (0) 208 510 9689


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