The Body Shop: gorgeous, ethical and affordable

The Body Shop has something for all our socially-conscious shoppers; fair trade products, no animal testing, and a drive for sustainability across the business.

The company has won awards for their efforts, and they even have a little heartwarming commitment plan which you can read here.

The range of products packaged in every colour of the rainbow means there is something for everyone.


A personal favourite is the Vitamin E range (spot it in the cute dusty pink packaging) – their overnight moisturiser is sure to sort out any winter lizard-skin you may be suffering from.

Pair this with the toner (see above) and Chapstick and you’ll be snow-baby ready in no time!

‘But the Body Shop isn’t exactly cheap!’ I hear you say. Well, luckily for you, we have some fantastic tips to help you get the most bang for your buck out of The Body Shop.

Image result for the body shop ethical
Courtsey of The Bodyshop 

Start by signing up to the mailing list. This way you stay up to date with all the discount codes, which are plentiful and frequent.

You can use them in store as well as online, for those cautious about their carbon footprint.

If you shop here once a month it’s also worth investing in the Love Your Body card.

When you save 500 points (which adds up surprisingly quickly) you are given £5 store credit to use, which helps tackle their foundations down to a jammy £8. Not bad, eh?!

Lastly, hold onto your receipts! At the bottom of their extraordinarily long money-I-used-to-have papers there is a discount code which gives you £10 off when you spend £25.

So essentially, if you go in and pick up stuff worth £26 you will end up only paying £16 – getting a mid-priced item for free!

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