The Gate: A vegetarian restaurant without a chickpea addiction

As far as vegetarian restaurants go – The Gate is one of the best. It also offers loads of vegan options too. We know, we know, to meat-eaters vegetarianism and veganism reeks of self-righteousness, and we can practically see you choking on your bacon sandwich in outrage and frantically reaching for the little x at the top of this page. Please bear with us. It’s totally delicious and skipping meat in one meal won’t kill you (or anyone else, for that matter) – we promise.

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The Gate was created by brothers Adrian and Michael Daniel. Their first restaurant opened in Hammersmith way back in 1989. Not that you’d know. It’s a b-e-a-u-tiful place to eat and definitely isn’t showing any signs of ageing. Since then they’ve also opened branches in Islington and Marylebone.

While a trip to The Gate is definitely affordable, with mains costing no more than £15, this is probably more of a special occasion type of place. The sort of place you take your parents when they come to visit to pretend that you’ve got your life together, when in reality you spend most evenings getting your hand stuck in a pringles tube in your pyjamas. Everyone will be well impressed as you confidently order things with ‘pleurote’ and ‘pied de mouton’ in them, before running to the toilet with your phone to find out what the hell you’re going to end up with. (Hint: It’s bound to be proper tasty – The Gate nails its flavour combinations every time.)


As you know, this restaurant wouldn’t be on our site if it didn’t kick arse when it comes to ethics and sustainability. The Hammersmith branch won ‘Most Improved Restaurant’ from the Sustainable Restaurant Association in 2014, and as a brand they’re committed to working with local food suppliers. They’re big on recycling and want to help their staff improve their future prospects.

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We’re most impressed by the work they do alongside charities that support Autism. Specifically, they’ve outlined a goal of gaining accreditation as a restaurant that welcomes people affected by Autism to eat with them and feel accepted. Indeed if you check out their website, they’ve got a specific guide explaining how to dine at their Islington restaurant.

So if you’re feeling fancy, or just want to treat yo’self – get yourself down to The Gate. It’ll do you, and others, a world of good.


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