Temple of Seitan: Vegan chicken that’s finger lickin’ good

Heading to the local chicken shop isn’t always a guilt free venture… It’s all tasty, we can’t deny that – but where exactly does it come from? (Actually… Maybe it’s best not to think about that…)

Well fans of all things deep fried, despair no more!

Temple of Seitan is here to sort you out. Their vegan menu bridges the gap between finger-licking chicken and ethical nosh.


‘Vegan chicken?!’ The incredulous cry goes. Well it’s down to a little something called seitan.

It’s basically wheat gluten, which maybe doesn’t sound particularly sexy but it’s v. versatile and an uncanny meat substitute.

Here at Guilt Free London we’ve been dying to try it ever since it came onto our radar. So we headed down to see what all the fuss was about.


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Now just a heads up… The shop front says Temple of Hackney. But all their social media stuff says Temple of Seitan so we’re going to go with that. (It’s also a fab pun and who can resist those?)

Because we’re dedicated to helping you guys make the best choices you can – we decided to take one for the team and try as much of the menu as we possibly could… You’re so welcome.

Somehow, two of us managed to devour the Temple Burger, Strip Sub, Roast Roll and Mac ‘N’ Cheez.


Our verdict? PROPER LUSH. It might not be chicken – but it sure as hell is tasty. The Roast Roll is topped with fakon* and mayo – don’t worry, they’ve got a dairy free version to tickle your fancy.


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The chips were to die for and even the soft drinks were Fair Trade. Plus the extra creamy Mac n Cheese was a delicious option for the weirdos out there who don’t like fried food. We left weighed down by our full stomachs but not an ounce of guilt!


Price wise? It might not be the quids in deals that you can get at some chicken shops, but it ain’t half bad. The mains start at £5, and you can throw in chips or coleslaw for an extra £2. Take our advice and share a portion – or you might end up in a food coma.

Guilt Free London worshipped at the Temple of Seitan, and can honestly say we’re converted for life. All hail seitan!

*(fake bacon – keep up please, class)

Temple of Seitan: 10 Morning Lane, Hackney, E9 6NA



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