CRU Kafe: Wake up to some ethical coffee

Everybody loves cawfee. It’s a loyal and faithful companion that gets us all through the earliest of mornings and the roughest of hangovers.

Brits spend £730 million on the stuff every year – and it looks like there’s no slowing us down. Unfortunately with so much demand for the stuff, some coffee isn’t particularly ethical. And quite frankly, that sucks.

But fear not because we have found a London based business which is totally committed to helping you get yourself a guilt-free caffeine fix. CRU Kafe was founded by three friends back in 2013. Based in Notting Hill, their aim is to provide ethical, organic and eco-friendly coffee.


They were kind enough to send us some of their Nespresso compatible coffee pods to try. In particular, we got to sample their Coorg Estate coffee which comes from Southern India. And we must say it was absolutely bloody lovely. With hints of dark chocolate, it tickled our taste buds very nicely and made a jam-packed day a lot more bearable.

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IMG_7747 (1)

The pods work out at either 29p or 35p each, depending on the blend of coffee. With the average cup of coffee on the high street costing over £2, that’s pretty damn good. It’s also worth bearing in mind the stats that are out there. If you switch from buying your mocca-frappa-lappa-ding-dong to making it at home, you could save enough money in your lifetime to go on two holidays. Who can argue with that lifestyle change? Plus there’s an environmental incentive. The good old-fashioned mug of coffee (or travel mugs if you’re one of them high-powered professional types) is a way less harmful to our planet than pesky takeaway coffee cups.

IMG_7746 (1)

Speaking of the environment, CRU’s coffee pods are recyclable. You just need to wash ‘em out before putting them in your recycling bins. They’re also currently working on making their pods 100% compostable. (And if you want to be extra eco-friendly, they’ve got a few handy tips about how to make the most of your old coffee grounds).

We love coffee. We love ethically responsible companies. And we love CRU. We’re pretty sure you’ll love ‘em too. So next time you reach for your favourite (albeit chipped) mug, you can be happy that you’re doing it the right way.

Check out more of CRU’s awesome products right here


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