Go green this St Patrick’s Day

As with all celebratory events, it is sometimes quite easy to forget to put on your environmentally friendly hat. So here are some reminders on how you can stay green with your beer across London this St Patrick’s Day:

Ethical beer

A few of our favourite beer brands (Budweiser and Stella) have decided to reduce their environmental impact by reducing water usage throughout the irrigation process. Cheers to that!

Image result for beer gifs


When purchasing your refreshments always consider the packaging and disposal of the beer. It is a good idea to opt for glass bottles rather than tin as these can be recycled much easier.Image result for recycling gif

Share the love

When having a few why not grab a pitcher and share with your pals. That way it’s cheaper, you’re producing less packaging waste but remember sharing is caring!

Image result for beer gif

House party?

If you’re taking the lead from our Irish neighbours, then have a bit of craic* with your very own Keg. Less waste, reduce your carbon footprint and it’s just much more fun for all the family.

Image result for keg handstand gif

Home brewing

If you wish to go full earth warrior then home brewing could be the option for you! Removing everything from production, emissions from transport and packaging your St Patrick’s Day would be greener than Ireland’s emerald isle. Get yours here withthout breaking the bank.

Image result for home brewing gif

*To have a jolly good time.

Remember to drink responsibly: DrinkAware.co.uk


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