5 things you’ll understand if you’re living the Guilt Free Life

We all know that it can be a huge struggle to ensure that your lifestyle is ethical without being daylight-robbery-expensive, ESPECIALLY in London. So here we have a list of those situations that will make you eye-roll with familiarity…. you’re welcome

  1. Being given salad leaves when ordering in one of those ‘hip’, ‘new’ vegan restaurants #original

2. Then being charged the price of a Christmas tree for said leaves

3. Trying to find a sustainable clothes shop is like searching for Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket

4. When you have an entire make-believe shopping basket ready to be paid for on ASOS but you told yourself you’d shun fast-fashion.

5. When you see an article on GFL and you and your friends FINALLY find a new spot to fulfil your Guilt Free needs



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