All the gear but no idea: eco-friendly tech solutions

Imma hit you with some facts: eco-friendly living doesn’t mean a return to the dark ages.

OK, that was only one fact but NEVER MIND.

Here are some quick ideas for you tech-savvy eco warriors out there (yeah, Peter from IT, I see you) that will make Mother Earth look more kindly on you…. because she saw that Domino’s box you didn’t recycle when you were hungover last week and she is not impressed.


A way of controlling the heating and hot water in your home remotely, using an App on your phone. This means that you can turn the heating off when you know that no-one’s home, for example when one G&T becomes five, and Infernos suddenly seems like a great idea (Infernos is never a great idea. Never). As well as being environmentally-friendly it will also reduce your utility bill, so everyone’s a winner.

For more information, click here.


Google – everyone needs it. Where else would you go when you get a headache and become convinced that you are in the early stages of death? Or when you have to find out the name of that one Big Brother contestant back in 2009 because it’s right on the tip of your tongue and driving you slowly insane? Well, as great as Google is, there’s an eco-friendly alternative and it is just as silently-strong and reliable as Google. It’s called Ecosia and it works by planting a tree every time you search something. Cute, innit? So now you don’t have to feel silly when you establish that it is, in fact, just a headache, because your hypochondriac tendencies will have done a good deed for the planet.

Check out Ecosia here and make it your automatic search engine. DO IT.

Hot Water Dispensers

Tea. The cornerstone of what it means to be British. But unfortunately a pastime that’s somewhat detrimental to the environment. Every time you switch on a kettle with just enough water in it for your cuppa, a kitten dies. Just kidding, but kettles do use a substantial amount of energy and they’re used far too liberally. But that’s where a hot water dispenser comes to the rescue. You’ll probably have seen them in an office and marvelled at how the water comes out already boiling (!) or jumped about a mile out of the way after some unwanted splash back. These nifty machines only dispense the exact amount of water that you need, saving the energy that you would’ve used boiling a whole kettle. They cost the same as a fancy kettle, too. So slurp away, kiddos.

You can buy a hot water dispenser here.

LED Lights

Not exactly new on the scene, but it’s worth a reminder that LED lights really are the Don Juan of the lighting world (if there is such a thing) – these bad boys just keep on going. Twenty years to be exact, so you won’t have to spend an annual Sunday afternoon wobbling around on a step ladder changing bulbs. They also use 85% less energy than incandescent bulbs, so quit messing with the incandescents and get you some of that LED goodness.

Solar-powered chargers

Smartphones are brilliant, ingenious things, but they have a pesky habit of going from a healthy 20% of battery down to a horrifying 2% in the space of what feels like minutes. What’s more, phone chargers are some of the worst culprits when it comes to energy consumption. A little-known fact is that when you leave chargers plugged in, they keep sucking up energy, even if you’re not using them… naat good. *Trumpet fanfare* and cue solar-powered phone chargers, a self-sufficient way of keeping your phone charged up so you don’t use energy unnecessarily and you don’t have to miss out on plans because your phone died and you couldn’t keep in touch with friends. You may just have to move to a country that isn’t permanently grey as a result of the weather and Brexit.

You can buy solar-powered chargers on Amazon as well as other electrical shops.

Shower playlists

Sounds ridiculous, yes, but this is just one way to save your water consumption. Showers hide a multitude of sins: sit-down hungover showers, crying showers, and fun showers if ya know what I mean, all of which use up H2Ooohh. By making yourself a five- or ten-minute long playlist of your favourite shower belters on Apple Music*, Spotify or the like (I’d recommend Beyoncé, Destiny’s Child and pre-meltdown Britney Spears), you make sure you don’t overstay your welcome: better for the environment and it means you won’t have any dodgy prune skin going on either.

Want more ideas on how to make your home eco-friendly? Check us out here, sweed’art.

* Disclaimer: Apple are ethically very naughty, so go for a different music provider if you can.











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