Get battered with some sustainable fish and chips

Warning: This post will make you salivate uncontrollably onto your keyboard/phone/whatever… So you might want to waterproof everything before scrolling any further. Guilt Free London are not responsible for any water damage incurred by this article. 

We Londoners (and indeed Brits full stop) love love love fish and chips. It’s a classic combo which never fails to disappoint. But unfortunately some suppliers choose cost over the environment and that’s when this tasty treat turns sour.



Woahhhh slow down there soldier! Hold off on organising a blanket boycott of all chippys because Guilt Free London has got you covered.

It’s totally fine to eat fish and chips. We just need to make sure we’re not overfishing and causing species to become threatened. That means businesses need to make sure that they are using responsible suppliers.

Fisheries need to target species of fish whose numbers are healthy enough to ensure a good rate of natural reproduction. Otherwise we won’t just be struggling to find Nemo…


If you believe that fish are friends and not food, why not check out our review of vegan chicken shop Temple of Seitan. It’s proper lush like.


We’ve put together a list of some top notch fish and chips restaurants which are bloody delicious and only use sustainably sourced fish. Tell salt bae to be prepared because we’re about to get battered….


  1. Poppie’s

In business since 1952, Poppie’s is truly one of the best.

Don’t believe us? How about if we told you that they won the National Fish and Chips Award in 2014… So all you doubters can stick that in oil and fry it.

We went down to their Soho restaurant and were bowled over by how friendly the staff were, and (most importantly) how tasty it was!

All of the seafood used by Poppie’s is sustainably sourced and comes from third-generation Billingsgate fishmonger Joe Bush.

They say: “Here at Poppie’s, we’re committed to sustainability, which is why we make sure that our supply chain carries certification. That way, we can do our best to ensure that people will be able to enjoy fish and chips for generations to come”

Where? Poppie’s has a restaurant in Soho, and kiosks in Camden and Spitalfields


2. Sutton and Sons 

Sutton and Sons is a family-run business which has had its doors open for nearly twenty years.

They are passionate about ensuring that they provide customers with tasty AND responsibly sourced food. So don’t be surprised if their menu changes depending on the time of year you visit.

Sutton and Sons have also made sure that vegans haven’t been forgotten. They’ve got some delicious battered vegan prawns on their menu which are well worth a try.

Top tip: We know this is meant to be about fish and chips… BUT you also have to try some of Mrs Sutton’s famous sticky toffee pudding…

Where? Sutton and Sons have branches in Islington, Stoke Newington and Hackney Central



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3. Toff’s 

Remember earlier when we told you that Poppie’s had won the National Fish and Chips Award in 2014? Well Toff’s won the first ever award back in 1988. And they’ve kept up the good work ever since.

The business has a bit of a cult following and no wonder! Just look at those chunky chips ❤ ❤ ❤

Toff’s sets a great example in terms of being a responsible business. It’s part of the Marine Stewardship Council and sources its fish from sustainable stocks.

They say: “Our fish supplier is a member of the Marine Sustainable Seafood Council, and they assure us that all our fish is from sustainable sources and fished with approved fishing practice.  All our fish stock is traceable back to the fishing vessel and how it has been caught.”

Where? Toff’s can be found in Muswell Hill at 38 Muswell Hill Broadway, N10 3RT. 


4. Kerbisher & Malt 

The next two businesses on this list haven’t been around for decades like the others. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t up there with the other Codfathers of the industry.. (Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy but we had to get that pun in somewhere)

Kerbisher & Malt opened their first restaurant in 2011 in Brook Green, and they’ve been kicking arse ever since.

They’ve been committed to being guilt free from the start. They use fresh fish from sustainable sources AND their packaging is environmentally friendly. (You go Glen Coco)

Where? If you find yourself somewhere in West London you’ll be spoilt for choice on which branch to go to… Kerbisher & Malt have restaurants in Brook Green, Ealing, Mortlake and Clapham.


5. Golden Union Fish Bar 

Since opening their doors in 2008, the Golden Union Fish Bar have been going from strength to strength. They get rave reviews and they suit us guilt-free lot down to the ground.

As you’ll see from their testimony below, Golden Union Fish Bar are set on making sure that they serve up the best food, with the best of intentions. As well as sustainably sourcing their fish, they also get their potatoes weekly from East Anglia. (So no pesky air miles)

They also support the Fisherman’s Mission. 

They say: “We are passionate about offering the finest fish and chips the UK has to offer, we use the freshest fish from sustainable British waters, delivered daily and cooked to order in our special home-made batter”

Where? Find them in Soho at 38 Poland Street, W1F 7LY.


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So there you have it folks. Fish and chips doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure… You can plaster your artsy photos all over Instagram without any judgement. (And almost definitely with a loooooot of likes)

For more information about the types of fish you should be eating right now – check out the Marine Conservation Society’s ‘Good Fish Guide’.



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