Who do we think we are?

At Guilt Free London we’re all about making good choices that don’t hurt your wallet or your street cred; ethical and eco-friendly without the eye watering price tag or the holier-than-thou attitude.

How do I know if GFL is right for me?

  • I want to buy cool and stylish things without feeling like I want to throw myself into a confession box when I watch documentaries about sweatshops.
  • I want to go to fun cafes/restaurants/bars without having to conceal my retching after a wheatgrass-turmeric-snot shot.
  • I want to stick it to the man and support small businesses without having to elbow my way past moustachioed, dungaree-ed men comparing their vintage bikes.
  • I want to do all of the above without bleaching my bank account more than Donald Trump’s hair.