All the gear but no idea: eco-friendly tech solutions

Some quick ideas for you tech-savvy eco warriors out there (yeah, Peter from IT, I see you…)


5 things you’ll understand if you’re living the Guilt Free Life

We all know that it can be a huge struggle to ensure that your lifestyle is ethical without being daylight-robbery-expensive, ESPECIALLY in London. So here we have a list of those situations that will make you eye-roll with familiarity…. you’re welcome Being given salad leaves when ordering in one of those ‘hip’, ‘new’ vegan restaurants…

Nail beautiful Spring-Summer makeup trends with cruelty-free makeup and vegan vloggers

Dewy skin tones, color correcting concealers and liquid lipstick are on the hot-list this season – but how can you make sure your gorgeous makeup is Guilt Free? In 2013 it became illegal to sell animal-tested cosmetics in Europe, even if the testing was done outside Europe. But not all beauty brands are technically cruelty-free… Any company that sells their makeup…